The Organ Appeal

Our internationally famous organ from 1909 is a magnificent example of one of the most highly respected organ builders, William Hill & Son. It is an instrument of exceptionally high quality and a valuable survivor from this period of the firm’s work.

Many celebrated concert organists have played on the Selby Abbey Hill. But it was the three iconic LP recordings in the early 1960s by the Italian virtuoso Fernando Germani, arguably the greatest organist of all time, which spread the instrument’s stunning sound around the world.

In 2012, after over a century of service, it became clear that the organ was seriously unwell. It had been patched and repaired a number of times and was already regularly unreliable. The moment had finally come for a complete restoration to return it to its previous sonic splendour.

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With the generous backing of the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation, we launched a major appeal to raise the estimated £520,000 needed.

The appeal is also being supported by The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation and has been endorsed by many famous international organists.

Now, less than three years later, thanks to the heart-warming support of a growing number of Benefactors from across the country and abroad, we have raised 90% of the funds needed so the first phase of restoration by Principal Pipe Organs of York has begun under the direction of Organ Consultant Paul Hale.

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Your help is needed

Much has already been achieved but we still need your help to raise the remaining £70,000 to be able to complete the restoration by Easter 2016.


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An outstanding virtuoso organist D'Arcy Trinkwon performs in leading international festivals & concerts worldwide.

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