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The Hill organ of Selby Abbey has served generations of congregations for regular services, special events, weddings and funerals for over a century.

Many of the greatest organists have played on the Selby Abbey Hill. However, it was the three iconic LP recordings, in the early 1960s, by the Italian Virtuoso Fernando Germani which made the organ internationally renowned.

The video below, courtesy of BBC's Look North, explains the background. The organist is John Scott Whiteley, Organist Emeritus York Minster, a former pupil of Fernando Germani.

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Now, the organ is rapidly deteriorating. It has been repaired a number of times but it is already unreliable. It is clear the organ is nearing the end of its active life and within five years this world-famous instrument could be unplayable.

Our Appeal, launched in June 2012, seeks to raise £520,000 to carefully repair and conserve the Abbey’s celebrated organ so that it’s glorious sound is fully heard by generations to come.

We are hugely grateful to the Appeal's lead major donor, The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation, and a growing number of benefactors, local and national.

The appeal is also being supported by The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation and has been endorsed by many famous international organists.

Your help is needed

Much has already been achieved and work has commenced on the first phase of restoration. But we still need £70,000 to reach our target so your help is urgently required to complete our project.


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