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10 Helpful Tips for Driving Abroad

If you are planning on driving abroad, there are certain measures and precautions that you will need to take. Whether you are taking a weekend holiday to another country or travelling across Europe for a month, these tips can be of great help. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you drive outside of your country, so it is therefore a good idea to be prepared in every possible way.

1. Check Your Insurance

One of the first things that you should do is to make sure that you will still have insurance cover wherever you are going. Most providers will have a list of countries in the EU where cover is offered or not provided. Take a close look at this list in relation to wherever you plan to go.

2. Opt for Breakdown Cover

European breakdown cover is essential if you are planning on going on a long trip across Europe. You can choose to get a single-trip policy, which basically means that you are covered for one or two trips in the span of a year. If you often travel abroad, you should think about getting a multi-trip policy. This sort of cover will guarantee that you can get help if you break down while driving anywhere in Europe. If your battery suddenly dies, you can call to have a mechanic sent out to jumpstart your vehicle at no additional cost. You could already have breakdown cover with your insurance, so check this before leaving on your trip.

3. Choose Your Route

There will almost certainly be numerous routes that you can take to your destination, but you don’t want to choose just any of them. A lot of people are tempted to select the most direct route, but that isn’t always the best. Make sure that you choose a route that is as safe as possible. Consider some of your options before making a decision.

4. Know the Rules of the Road

It’s also a good idea to know what the rules of the road are wherever you will be travelling. This includes knowing what the speed limits are and various regulations that could affect you as a driver. This could save you from getting some very expensive citations.

5. Bring a Map

While it might seem a bit old-fashioned, it is a good idea to bring a map with you when travelling abroad in a vehicle. If something happens to your phone or GPS device, you can rely on the map to help you figure out where to go. Reading a map is very easy and surprisingly convenient.

6. Don’t Drive When You are Very Tired

If you start to become very tired while driving, get some rest before continuing on. Numerous studies have shown that driving while you are extremely tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. This will help you minimize the chances of getting into a bad accident.

7. Consider Car Hire

Those who want to travel abroad but have an older car that isn’t in very good condition should think about choosing a car hire service instead. This will provide you with a reliable vehicle to get you to your destination safely. Remember to look for a car that is fuel efficient so you can save yourself some money.

8. Take an Advanced Driving Course

There are advanced driving courses that you can take to teach you skills that will be very useful when driving abroad. If you want to reduce your risk of an accident, this is definitely a good idea. It could also help you save some money on your car insurance.

9. Do a Quick Check of Your Vehicle

Before you hit the road, it is important that you do a quick check to make sure your vehicle is functioning properly. Check to see if your lights and indicators work as they should. This will prevent any potential issues once you are actually driving. You should also make certain that your windshield wipers are working in case you encounter severe weather.

10. Pack an Emergency Kit

You should have a kit somewhere in your car that contains a few key things, such as a flashlight, first aid kit, water, and blanket. These items can be very useful when you are travelling abroad. Make sure that your flashlight works before heading out. If your car happens to break down on the road, all of these items can be incredibly useful.

Final Thoughts

Travelling abroad in Europe can be very fun and exciting, but you have to take a responsible approach. When you remember all of the tips in this article, you can reduce the chances of something really bad happening. And if you do have any issues, these tips will help minimize your stress.

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